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About Us

Established in 2020, Posh Auto Wash is a professional mobile car cleaning company based in Dubai, officially licensed by Dubai’s Economic Department.

While it is our utmost priority to provide professional and reliable services by our in-house fleet of a total of 12 vehicles, our unique way of delivering the services to valued customers like you is bound to meet your expectations.

You can decide drop off venues of cars at residential car parks or your own private car parking right at your door step or even commercial car parks located at offices, shopping centers and hotels. After all, we recognize that you must have a busy schedule!

Our team is well trained to deliver these services at your preferred site, meeting your expectations and convenience as always.
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We are just one phone call away ...

You don’t have to move your car and wait to get a professional car cleaning service. We are here for you and provide the best service in the region. You can relax and get your car cleaned by our team with expertise.  

Interior Vacuuming

Dashboard Polishing


Carpet Cleaning

Shampooing & Washing

Experience the Difference with New Technology

We have moved from traditional Cotton to Micro Fiber Cloths to clean your Car body and windows. It gives the best look and shines to your car as Microfiber is a good absorbent. It attracts and absorbs all dust particles like a magnet. 
Let’s first understand what is Microfiber & how to define it?
Microfiber is a very fine fiber made from synthetic and there are approximately 200,000 fibers in one square inch of microfiber cloth. Also, it is 1/100 of the diameter of a human hair. Therefore it has a high absorbent comparing to cotton. 
Even though the cotton is breathable and won’t scratch the car body, it has drawbacks. Dirt and debris will be pushed by cotton and not picked up. Microfiber has a high absorbent capacity and it will pick up all the dirt and debris on your car smoothly without any scratch. Further, once the microfiber cloth is wet, it works very well on grease, stains, and smudged dirt. It helps to avoid adding harmful chemicals to your car and the environment.
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